Music Therapy

Email what music track below most catches your attention or emotions ?

Share any track that touches you or helps lift your spirits, maybe when you’re feeling down…. Email us with your choice of title and artist – and a youtube (or other) connection.

Luther Vandross – Dance with my Father Again

“My father was a super dancer and he taught
me while I stood on his feet, so we played it at his funeral.”
  Pam from Birmingham

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (Acoustic)

“I’ve just had this playing on repeat as it touches my soul.”  Kirsty from London

“Sentimental, quiet, gentle mirroring, enjoyed his voice, made me smile.
Chorus was emotional. Words evoked memories of lost relationships.”  FH

“Might have worked for me but not with the artiste’s style which I found too halting.”     MH

Michael Buble’s version of Softly As I Leave You

“Makes me cry every time I hear it. Allows me to access sad feelings safely.”                              Fran from Liverpool

Monty Python’s `Always Look on the Bright Side of Life` from The Life of Brian film as they hang from their crosses !


“I like how they state how awful things are, but try & get you to believe their is a positive waiting round the corner.”             Martin from Harlech

REM – ‘Everybody Hurts’

Why? “Because, it makes me feel that I’m not on my own, lets me have a good cry and also gives me hope when I’m feeling  really down” Jenny from Moseley

“I’ve never enjoyed this song. Feels depressive, negative and self indulgent.” F.H

ANDREA – Angel

“Her voice is so pure & innocent, it dives inside me and touches my heart.

“Congratulations Andrea on winning ‘The Voice’ .”    Del in Lewisham

“Beautiful, engaging & simple. Evokes peace & hope.” FH

PEPPER & PIANO – You took my Heart

“When I feel really sorry-for-myself this speaks my feelings for me, `Nobody Cares` and I don’t feel so alone.”

“And now I’ve made them even more public.. perhaps I’m ready to see a therapist !” Bobbi in Derby

“Drew me in to listen. Beautiful music and words.” F.H

We’ve included the words here for anybody who wants to sing along and embrace some of those feelings…

When i was young,
I took a chance on life,
When i was young,
I stayed up most nights,
Nobody knows, and nobody cares,
You took my heart, you took my heart.
Moving down the empty, cobbled stairway,
Looking out for a friendly face to see me, ohh,
Cause nobody knows and nobody cares
You took my heart, you took my heart

Florence and the Machine – Shake it Out

“When I hear the line, `It’s hard to dance with the devil on your back. So shake him off!`  I’m inspired to cast off old hang ups and live life to the full”. Charlie from Halesowen

“Dark, certain words jumped out at me” F.H

Enjoy taking a few minutes out of your hectic life to have a listen to other people’s contributions and see if you are affected in the same way – or not.  Agree or disagree?

Each month if you let us know which ones you are also impacted by we will highlight the most popular track each month on our site.