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What is Stress?
Stress is a normal response to too much pressure. When you feel that the demands put on you outweigh your ability to cope with those demands, you may be feeling stressed. Stress can have serious effects on both mind and body, causing or exacerbating a large number of illnesses, complaints and problems.

How will I know if my staff and I are stressed?
People experience stress in different ways. Some of the common signs of stress are reduced concentration, irritability, fatigue, tearfulness, difficulty in making decisions, and changes in sleep patterns. You may find that levels of absenteeism and sickness rise. Stress can also manifest itself in the “Work Hard – Play Hard” ethic, and result in behaviour such as drinking binges.

So what does it mean to ‘manage’ stress?
Managing stress means firstly identifying how your stress comes about, how you respond to it, and finding things you could do to reduce it or to stop it before it starts. Ongoing stress management involves anticipating stressful periods and planning for them, and developing stress-minimising strategies which you can use whenever you need to.

But my staff and I do very difficult jobs – isn’t stress unavoidable?
No. While there may be some stressful situations that you will find yourself in, you can make a big difference in how you plan for, and respond to, such situations. You can learn to develop a lifestyle that will strengthen you against stress.

So how can a group help – can’t we find out about stress for ourselves?
An important point when learning to manage stress is that we each need to address the issue in our own way. You may find it helpful to read a book and become knowledgeable about stress, or you may benefit more from the group approach.

The benefits of stress management in a group are that you can:

  • develop and practice new skills with others
  • start to talk about how you feel when you are stressed
  • learn from others’ strategies for managing stress
  • use the group to help develop your self-confidence

Will we come away from the group with something?
Yes. You will be helped to develop your own programme for managing stress, which will apply to your particular circumstances and pressures. This is something you can then use and refer to long after the group has finished.

Fine. So what should I do now?
Stress management groups start at different times of the year at Birmingham Counselling Centre. Group size is limited, so booking is advised. Alternatively we can run a group especially for a your Company. This can take place at our Centre or, if there is a suitable space, at your place of work.  Contact Us to discuss your needs.

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