Supervision is available for those:

  • Training or working as therapists;
  • Working at managerial level in any type of workplace
  • Working in any kind of caring capacity eg social care; education; health;
  • Whose work includes listening/counselling skills such as genetic counsellors.

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We are delighted to be able to offer high quality supervision from a range of BACP & UKCP registered practitioners working within a range of modalities and with experience of a range of settings.  Some of our supervisors are nationally and internationally renowned.

From our Senior Practitioners with their depth of their experience through to those who have qualified as supervisors more recently, we have a supervisor to meet your needs & price range, so please look at Our Supervisors, Our Therapists or Contact Us for more details.

No matter where you work supervision is vital for maintaining clarity and ensuring your communication and decision making skills are at their best.  Supervision is built into the therapeutic culture but  is also hugely supportive for those in any workplace  – and is becoming more widely recognised as a vital management tool.

We offer:

Individual Supervision           OR           Group Supervision

Groups are run by experienced supervisors working with up to four supervisees and can last for up to four hours depending on group size.

Supervision for trainee therapists

As well as working with a specific approach many of our supervisors also work Integratively and so can model the approach used on your training programme. Some may also be able to offer you a concessionary rate. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge around particular training needs so please do Contact Us and let us help you get the right supervisor for you.

Alongside trainees from local training providers, we currently provide supervision for many advanced counselling and psychotherapy students who are in training with leading Institutes around the country.

Please telephone 0121 429 1758






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Sam Gallo; UKCP Reg’d Integrative Psychotherapist.  MSc, BA (Hons) , Supervision Training SPTI 







Juliet Denham; UKCP Reg’d Psychotherapist


Magda Powell; BACP Accredited, Post grad Dip Supervision, Gestalt Centre, London





Steve Jones; BACP Accredited Counsellor, Dip Sup




Judith Bird

Judith Bird; BACP Counsellor and Supervisor



Dawn Robinson; UKCP Reg’d Gestalt Psychotherapist


Access therapy from the comfort of your own home, where you have personal, physical or geographical reasons for not coming to the Centre.

Are you a business that is looking for support in supporting your employees? We offer employee counselling and clinical supervision. Contact us for an informal discussion.