Team Building

Do any of these phrases describe your team?

  • Lacking motivation?
  • Lost its direction?
  • Lethargic?
  • Lack of commitment?
  • Internal Tensions?
  • Room for Improvement?

How Birmingham Counselling and Psychotherapy can improve your organisation:

  • Minimise conflict problems
  • Raise commitment to each other and the work process
  • Raise awareness of each other and each other’s needs
  • Improve recruitment and retention of competent staff
  • Increase motivation among staff
  • Raise confidence in taking and accepting responsibility, and decision making
  • Help build supportive structures for staff and management
  • Raise Cost effectiveness in terms of an efficient work force

Successful organisations recognise the benefits of team building and team development and see it as fundamental to their work. Much depends on the quality of team meetings and how well individuals actually work together. For an enterprise to thrive co-operative links across and between teams are equally essential.

Individual and team interactions will impact enormously on efficiently meeting organisational goals. We have found working with team process skills to be a very effective way of improving management communications and organisational productiveness.

Manage internal conflicts.
We will work closely with team members to highlight and resolve any difficulties or blockages that may hinder the development of constructive teamwork.

Competition or Co-operation
We will focus on the internal issues and dynamics of the team, their key links with the rest of the organisation, and relationships with important external stakeholders.

Help teams to improve upon their performance and capability.
Even effective teams need maintenance from time to time. We can provide opportunities for teams to develop and to flourish. The team building process will help identify strengths and weaknesses within work teams.

Access therapy from the comfort of your own home, where you have personal, physical or geographical reasons for not coming to the Centre.

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