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Depression is weird as it’s often a result of a past experience that we’ve either forgotten about or avoid like the plague! So the first step is to track down the cause, with a therapist who is the emotional equivalent of a Red Indian tracker. Therapy helps us uncover the cause and deal with it. More details.

Freddy Flintoff, the England, cricket captain found himself self medicating by drinking too heavily during the cricket world cup, as he had no idea why he was feeling so down. He wanted to sit by himself while the others wanted to celebrate their successes. `I just needed the doctor to tell me what was wrong, but nobody told me it was depression.` Winston Churchill used to describe his depression as `his black dog` and would try and self-medicate by whisky and cigars and keep quiet about it. He even attended a his cabinet meeting when he was part paralysed after a stroke without his cabinet noticing. It is crucial to be able to talk about what you are experiencing to somebody. Isolation makes it worse even though all you want to do is sit in a corner by yourself.

Here are some famous people who have experienced depression similar to you and have used therapy to help them deal with it. Many of us will suffer with depression at some point in our lives. Some people have used medication to calm the symptons, while they learn to understand and attend to the causes of the depression in therapy. Some like actress & model Pauline Porizkova tried anti-depressants, but were very keen to come off them.

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