In the past clients have arrived with these sort of concerns:-


  • I feel what happened to me has ruined every relationship I’ve ever had.
  • I’ve reached the point when I think I can tell somebody.
  • I don’t feel I can tell my family.
  • I’ve spent my whole life living with this secret and it’s eating me up inside like a cancer.
  • I’ve spent my whole life feeling different.
  • I can’t trust anybody.


  • I just can’t seem to stop.  I’m not in control any more.
  • I used to have a joint occasionally to help me sleep.  Now it’s every night of the week and one’s not enough.
  • I wake up and I can’t remember the night before.  I don’t even know how I got home.  It scares me!
  • I drink a bottle of wine a night.  Do I have a problem?
  • I have the odd line when I go out.  All my friends do it.  It’s just the norm.
  • I started eating more when he left.  I feel like I have this void within me that I just can’t fill.
  • When I’m not working I just feel numb so I work more and more.  I’m exhausted!

Anger Management

  • I’ve just got to sort it or else she says she’ll leave me.
  • I feel like I could lose it badly at any moment.
  • I’ve got to sort it now I’ve got a child.
  • I’ve been told to sort it by my boss.
  • It just builds up. I feel explosive. What can I do?
  • I’m scared of my partner.
  • I’m scared that I’m going to really hurt somebody.


  • I always have to go back to the house and check I haven’t left anything on. It’s starting to take over my life.
  • I’m worried about work: I feel I’m not coping.
  • I’m anxious about nobody liking me and I’m not finding a relationship.
  • My anxiety about eating means I eat too much, am overweight and getting depressed.
  • I check my partner’s phone because I think s/he is cheating on me. My partner saw me doing this and said they will look for someone else unless I stop.
  • I just seem to fret about everything.

Bereavement & Loss

  • Since my mum died I’ve just felt really miserable.
  • I’m really angry with my partner for not doing more to support me.
  • One loss after another – my job, my relationship and my confidence.
  • Since we lost the baby we’ve just grown further apart.
  • I can’t stop crying.
  • It’s like I can’t feel anything.
  • Nobody will talk to me about it. I want to scream at them.

Couples Counselling

  • My partner’s always criticising me.
  • I seem to do all the supporting.
  • He just won’t talk about things, particularly feelings.
  • She’s so needy.
  • I try to talk about things but she just gets upset.
  • I feel like I’m walking on eggshells all the time.


  • It takes all my energy to get out of bed in the morning.
  • My GP wanted to give me pills but I don’t want to go down that road.
  • There doesn’t feel like there’s much point to anything.
  • I can’t concentrate on anything & I don’t want to do anything anyway.
  • I hate feeling so down all the time. Why is it happening?
  • I think I’m going mad sometimes.

Psychosexual therapy

  • I’m just not interested in sex at the moment, but I don’t know why.
  • Sex always seems to be about him/her not me.
  • S/he just doesn’t seem to be interested in sex at the moment.
  • Sex is ruining our relationship, but neither of us are talking about it.
  • My partner’s having problems but won’t talk to anybody about it. I’m feeling really frustrated.

Relationship issues;

  • I can’t trust him / her.
  • My partner had an affair and I can’t seem to forgive him /her.
  • I seem to be repeating things in every relationship I have.
  • I’m not sure I’m ready for this relationship. What should I do?
  • I’m scared of my partner.


  • I feel really confused about the feelings I’m having.
  • I’m feeling confused, miserable & depressed about how I feel about my sexuality. I need someone to talk to.
  • I want to tell my family but I’m scared what will happen.
  • I always knew I was lesbian but I’ve never told anybody.
  • I’ve been honest about my sexuality with my family but we’re all finding it really difficult to deal with.
  • I just don’t know how to tell my partner.