Mental & Emotional Dis-ease

– does it really effect that many of us?

Mental illness is the leading cause of sickness and absence from work according to the Mental Health Foundation. Every year in the UK 70 million workdays are lost due to mental illness; including anxiety, depression and stress related conditions.

There is more in the news about mental health, which means it is more acknowledged and talked about, which is great. Unfortunately the understanding, resources and support needed to support people and work effectively with them is lagging way behind what is needed.

The number of people who are affected by mental health is rising. In 1990, 416 million people suffered from depression or anxiety worldwide – these numbers rose to 615 million in 2013 (World Health Organisation, 2016).

Mental illness is extremely common and exists in different forms, each of which can have an adverse effect on your well-being.

Current figures state that each year in Britain an estimated one in four adults will experience at least one diagnoseable mental health problem, though only 230 of every 300 who need help will actually visit their GP.

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