Queen’s Honour for local practitioner

WE ARE THRILLED THAT KATHRYN LIVINGSTONE from the West Midlands, has been awarded the Queen’s BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL in the New Years Honours list for services to people with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder – that used to be called Multiple Personality).

At Birmingham Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre we have therapists who support and work with DID. We also provide a regular peer support group for therapists who work with DID clients, as well as their usual therapeutic supervision. DID is one of the more complex difficulties to work with but it is better supported and more understood than ever before because of people like Kathryn. This makes the honour to Kathryn for her work in this field all the more special.

Kathryn founded First Person Plural (FPP – a grassroots organisation dedicated to supporting persons with DID and based in Wolverhampton). For those of us familiar with her work and been trained by Kathryn, she herself manages a very complex, often challenging life with DID and this prestigious recognition could not go to anyone more deserving.

Kathryn has worked tirelessly, for over 20 years, for those whose lives have been affected by DID – survivors, supporters, family members and colleagues. Many clinicians working with persons with DID have benefitted tremendously from attending her trainings.

Kathryn passionately believes in the contribution people with lived experience have in training and awareness raising and her pioneering work in this area remains an integral part of her contribution – as demonstrated by her invaluable involvement in FPP’s two training DVDs.  Since the news of her honour has become public, she has received many congratulatory e-mails touching her deeply, especially those from survivors whose lives she has been a part of when they were at their most desperate; her tenacity has reminded them that things can change and to hang in there. Those of us living in the UK know how fortunate we are to have her working so professionally to get DID the recognition it so much needs.

The above comments are also drawn from something put up on the ESTD (European Society for Trauma & Dissocation). web site, honouring Kathryn’s award.

For anyone who would like support for DID in Birmingham contact us on 0121 429 1758 or at bcpc@counselling-direct.co.uk.

For those in other places in the UK you can contact:

FPP, (First Person Plural) www.firstpersonplural.org.uk

ESTD (European Society for Dissociation & Trauma)    www.estd. www.estd.org

PODS (Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors)    www.pods-online.org.uk

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