Sex Therapy

Many people go through phases where they are unhappy with their sexual relationship.

Your sex therapist is trained & experienced in working with couple relationships and can work with you either as an individual or a couple.  He or she will also be a trained and qualified psychosexual therapist who will listen sensitively to your description of your problem to ensure the treatment plan meets your needs.

The therapy sessions involve talking & you will be given homework to do in the privacy of your home.

Some examples of difficulties that can arise are:

  • Loss of desire
  • Pain during sex
  • Anxiety
  • Premature ejaculation
  • No erection or loss of erection
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Vaginal soreness etc

Sexual difficulties can arise either for psychological reasons (eg stress, effects of loss, personal or relational difficulties) or physical reasons (eg illness, the effects of medication, disability) or a combination of both. A psychosexual therapist is experienced in supporting people whatever their issues.

Sex therapy can help you to overcome the difficulties you are experiencing through talking openly and frankly about your needs and desires, and help you to explore and understand the reasons behind the problem, either as a couple or an individual.

The sessions last 1 hour and are generally weekly, but this is flexible in order to meet the needs of the client.

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Access therapy from the comfort of your own home, where you have personal, physical or geographical reasons for not coming to the Centre.

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