What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is something that keeps us alert to challenges we may face  and is both necessary and normal. However, excessive anxiety may require external support to reduce it. Read the full article

A simple explanation of anxiety.

The mind tells the body to prepare to face a crisis and the body releases adrenalin causing the heart to beat faster, pumping oxygen round to increase energy, sweating to prevent overheating & needing the toilet. The body is now vigilant for a fight or flight situation which is helpful when faced with a real danger or threat.

However when this reaction is triggered when you are out shopping or in a social situation, past fears and worries can trigger the same reaction – and the body can then be left accumulating headaches, tiredness and other stress symptoms, with no-one to fight!

It may be a historical crisis or fear but the answer is to understand why the mind is getting fearful and attend to that, so it does not exaggerate situations and then actually create a crisis, when there wasn’t one there. Unfortunately in this cycle we bring such intensity into an ordinary situation that we can recreate our worst fears by creating a crisis, which is the last thing we want – but we all do it!

Ways we can work with you

Here at the Centre we offer you support to help with anxiety to become aware where the anxiety is coming from and what options you have to improve it. If you have visited a medical setting looking for help with anxiety you may well have been offered some medical treatment for the symptoms, but perhaps you want to explore further into what is causing the anxiety. The difficulty is that while anxiety will often show itself in physical symptoms such as sweaty hands, headaches or hyper-ventilating, it comes from an emotional base and that’s what we will help you address.

If you would like to look at help with anxiety in a safe and confidential place with an experienced counsellor, or have any queries you would like to clarify, contact the Centre on 0121-429-1758. If you would prefer us to call you back please put your contact details here.



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