How to Manage Your Anger

If you experience intense anger it can be difficult to manage and this can lead to problems in your life.

Firstly, anger is not bad. It is an important emotion that has allowed us to protect ourselves and those we  care about. However problems do occur if it isn’t understood and managed in the right way. 

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ways to cope with the intensity of your anger? There are different techniques to minimise the damaging elements of your anger.

ways to manage the intensity of your anger better? Working with a counsellor to understand more about your anger so you can control it and protect those close to you.  

ways to eliminate the intensity of your anger? Counsellors or therapists here at the Centre are  interested in helping you understand any hidden causes for the intensity of your anger. This is not just managing the anger but helping you address and eliminate the cause of the anger so you are free of the intensity once and for all. Working with anger is what experienced therapists are familiar with.

support available? If you would like to work with an experienced therapist in a safe and confidential place – or to join our small ongoing anger management group, contact us here.  If you would prefer us to call you back please put you contact details here.

Three examples of clients presenting with anger issues.

1. Client arrived full of frustration and un-contained anger that was spilling onto family, work and few remaining friends. A punch bag helped to release and express some of the anger and then highlight a big unaddressed loss that was sitting inside the client. It was a very significant past bereavement which for understandable reasons had never been dealt with at the time, but which left them with considerable forgotten hurt and frustration. Once the loss was worked through with their therapist, their life was totally transformed – as were the lives of their family, work colleagues and friends.

 2. Another person had been badly treated but didn’t have the words or knowledge to say what they needed, so felt resentful at everybody, loosing their temper at friends and family. They didn’t like what they were doing but felt helpless to change. As they were helped to uncover the hidden words & feelings, which they had never used, the anger was replaced with tears that led to some remarkable family scenes of reconnection. This proved life changing and a wonderful blessing for the present and future lives of the client’s children.

3. A third person had been treated badly but had avoided challenging this treatment. They were supported in finding their confidence to face up to the person involved. They found a positive & creative way of addressing it with the other person. This enabled them to stand up for themselves and restore their own self esteem – without feeling the need to be brutal or heavy handed or causing a negative reaction.

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4 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Anger

  • Lucy Colston

    I would just like to say I am enjoying BCPC new website with all the variety of information and articles. I have enjoyed reading Daniells story . Some of her experiences have been similar to mine. It’s pleasing to know I am not alone in what I have felt about my experience if Councelling. I have also enjoyed the article on anger management that has been helpful. I do hope there will be more for me to come.

    With thanks to BCPC and particularly my counsellor .

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